Eating Secrets

Experimental Film
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018
  • Magical Charm Festival 2018, NYC, USA
  • 2018 Film and Video Poetry Symposium, Los Angeles, LA
  • Les Rencontres Internationales Videolibrary, Paris, Berlin 2018
  • Figari Film Fest, Videolibrary, Olbia, Italy 2018
Eating Secrets. 2017. poster

„Eating Secrets“ was initiated after a Tarot de Marseille reading by Moreno Arco Fazari at the Le Viaduc Café in Paris, April 2017. It is based on psycho-magic exercises proposed by Alexandro Jodorowsky. In psycho-magic, images are used as symbols to appear to the unconscious mind as real events. A similar thing can be said about the impression of films onto the soul. In this film the rituals of psycho-magic are compared to the act of creating images itself and thereby this film comes about.
It creates a dynamic sense of time, something like a static and nomadic meandering for progress. Rituals for self-improvement come into mind. It feels like wandering in some sort of labyrinthian purgatory, if purgatory was a dream in my childhood backyard and I was nine years old again — not much happens, but the stakes seem startlingly high. The ground/earth becomes a complicit partner/collaborator in the ritual.

S16mm transferred to HD, 8min 41sec

Mika Vainio – Magnetia
Written & performed by Mika Vainio
Published by Touch Music/Fairwood Music UK Ltd