Fragments of a Jam

Performance / Art - Installation
  • Points of Passage, 2014, Stift Melk, Niederösterreich
FRAGMENTS OF A JAM. 2014. Performance View.

The project emerged as part of a group show of commissioned works on behalf of the Abbey of Melk celebratig the anniversary year of their patron. The topics of the curatorial notion circled the topics of the voyage, the quest and espionage. For Fragments of a Jam my intention was to stage and enact a choice of research material circling these topics.

On the opening night the audience could attend the filming of/and the theatrical enaction of my research in the abbey’s gardenpavillon. Similar to About Me and The Tour (from The Mackeys), forms of live performance were combined with filmic language.

For the duration of the exhibition, the various coloured frames/panels used as props for the set, then formed an environment/installation to present the resulting film of the opening night.

Helmut Bohatsch
Nora Jacobs
Albert Mayr
Dirk Nocker
Teresa Vittucci

Joe Berger – Dolly & Light
Stefan Fuchshuber – Best Boy
Barbara Kapusta – Focus Operator
Ulrike Köppinger – Assitant Director
Christiana Lugbauer – Stillphotography
Leon Naffin – Audio Recording
David Seitz – Audio Recording & Mastering

Research References
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Blaise de Vigenère
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Ghost without a Shell, Pierre Huyghe
Kunst des Handelns, Michel de Certeau
Eigenblutdoping, Diedrich Diederichsen
Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film, Giuliana Bruno
Ghost-Seers, Detectives, and Spiritualists, Srdjan Smajić
Sympathy for the Devil, Jean Luc Godard
North by Northwest, Ernest Lehman, Alfred Hitchcock
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