The North Capital

Experimental Film
  • Hors Pistes 2013, Centre George Pompidou, Paris
  • Hors Pistes 2013, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Video Bureau Archive 14: Stephan Lugbauer, Video Bureau Beijing & Guangzhou
The North Capital. 2013. Filmstill

The goal of this filmproject was to transgress cultural, linguistic and structural borders and to bring this experiment via improvisation into the shape of a movie. As point of origin served a recorded conversation with the chinese filmcritic and curator Xian Min Zhan.
Our conversation did range from thoughts on independent cinema to the city of the future. Based on this interview an abstract script in form of notes and thoughts on scenes and conversations evolved. We shot for about 5 days in Beijing with amateurs willing to participate in this truly improvised movie. Rarely scripted dialogues, no rehearsals and improvisations on the spot. A movie about an utopia: The North Capital. The movie’s language is mandarin chinese with english subtitles.

„So visually this utopia will be transparent, almost colorless, washed out…
all the colours there are will be fabricated or fake and only for visual effect.
all the buildings will be mostly ruins.
if people dont procreate, they will talk or create. artist will make up the majority of the population and work under precarious circumstances – you know, minimal wages or unpaid labour, although the characteristics of their work would not really differ from the work of the privileged class. the privileged managing class will decide on who or what to support.
they will say that the real support is your dream.
they offer some kind of support for your dreams,
you excercise yourself in these dreams and wake up with bigger muscels.
in this kind of coming dictatorship of globalisation or pretended democratic system they will encourage people to commit suizide and use it for propaganda.“

HD, 40min, Color, Sound

Chen Lv 陈绿 Liu Tong 刘桐 Hou Zhen 侯震 Brendan Linane Huang Xiang 黄香Liu Bin 刘斌 Cui Kai 崔凯 Wu Ximan 吴析蔓 Yang Zhaoyu 杨兆宇 Jin Jiucheng 金久诚 Xu Ruotao 徐若涛 Mao Lu 毛陆 Zhang Xinyu 张新煜 Cui Zi’en 崔子恩 Richard Zhang 张腾 Jessica Wu 吴澄 Beatrice Leanza Gao Weizhong 高卫中

Sound recording: Lou Kun 娄堃
Sound assistant: Wang Lei 王磊

Piano: Nikola Stanosevic – recorded at and by: Tonstudio Wien Classical Arts
Audio postproduction: David Seitz
Audio mastering: Tony Tong Zhang

Color Grading: Andi Winter

English Subtitle Translation: Li Yakun 李雅堃

Line Production: Li Shanshan 李姗姗, Jenny Man Wu 吴漫
Camera equipment: Redgate Rentals 红门租赁
Camera technician: Zhang Haoyu 张浩钰
Grip: 北影厂 Grip assistant: Wang Jianxin 王建新
Driver: Shi Yumei 石玉梅

thank you

Ella Raidel, Katharina Schneider-Roos, Zhang Xianmin 张献民, Li Shanshan 李姗姗, Zhu Rikun 朱日坤, Fang Lu 方璐, Wang Chunfeng 王春峰, Jiang Shu 江树, Yan Dingcai 鄢定财, Xu Ruotao 徐若涛, Pan Junfeng 潘俊峰, Barbara Kapusta, Österreichisches Kulturforum Peking, Frau Gudrun Hardiman-Pollross, Anny Zhao, Christina Kapusta, Katharina Aigner, Lina Morawetz, Josh Müller, Amy Croft